Since our start, we have placed great emphasis on providing our clients with a very hands on service, not limiting our time and efforts to buildings which need extra time to solve inherited financial and poorly maintained buildings. IMZ Property Services was established in 2009.

By keeping to our ethos, we have been able to turn around the buildings we have been appointed to manage from debt ridden and poorly maintained, into buildings which today run like how Sectional Title Buildings should be run, little or non-levy arrears, high reserves, maintenance being carried out timeously and within budget, which all results in a nicer environment and increasing unit values.

Our services can broadly be divided into the following categories:

  • ADMINISTRATIVE: Insurance and Body Corporate Rules
  • COLLECTIONS: Levies and Outstanding Monthly Rental
  • FINANCIAL: Monitoring and Control, Budget, Reserved Funds and Payment to Creditors
  • ACCOUNTING: Body Corporate Bank Accounts, Computer Program and Auditing
  • PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT: Appointments and Remuneration
  • SECRETARIAL: Annual General Meetings, Trustee Meetings, Minutes and Circular